By joining the LHON Society you can assist us in our work supporting those affected, raising awareness and helping researchers find effective treatments. As a member, your views and opinions can contribute towards improving the lives of the LHON community. A formal membership provides the Society with authority and credibility, enabling us to represent our member’s interests in broader debates with government and health care providers.
When you become a member of the LHON Society, you will be kept regularly updated on our activities and ways you can help support our work.
We will ask you to provide us with some relevant information on the application. This has been kept to the minimum required for us to provide support and information to our members. This information will be protected under the Data Protection Act 1998, and not disclosed to any organisation that is not associated with LHON Society.
LHON Society membership is free and open to all but please note we are a UK based charity and all communication will therefore be in English. Our intention is to work alongside other LHON patient support groups worldwide and not to replace any local organisations in other countries.

We need to send you a confirmation email when you subscribe to the membership - if you don't see the email please check that your email server hasn't sent it to your spam or junk folder.
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Please enter your date of birth in the format DD/MM/YYYY, or use the Date Picker.
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